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The Truth About
 Mixing Home Recordings
Discover the fastest way to get good enough at mixing to finally make your home recordings sound on par with commercial records—or even better.
Do NOT Download Any New Plugins Before You Read This Today!
Dan here, founder of the Pro Audio Files...

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • Mixing takes me forever—and I’m still not happy with the end result
  • I often mix songs that are NOT recorded in a high-end studio
  • A GREAT mix would take my music to the next level–but I don’t know how to get there

Then I have GOOD NEWS.

Stick with me, and I’ll reveal the only surefire way that I know will take your mixing skills to the next level—starting today—and finally get you a pro sound.
Grammy-Nominated Engineer
Reveals Mixing Secrets

You know how you’ll read things on audio forums like...

“You can’t fix it in the mix”

“Garbage in. Garbage out”

Makes sense, right?


I used to believe it too...

...until Grammy-nominated mix engineer Matthew Weiss opened my ears.

He proved to me how a GREAT mix can make any recording shine.

Just like a sh*tty mix can suck the life out of a perfectly good track.

The difference?

A flawless recording/production basically mixes itself…
How to Mix
Home Recordings

…but when you’re dealing with less than perfect tracks, you need a VERY different approach.

Just look at a mixing session by a pro like Matt:
Pro Tools screenshot

One channel could have literally NO processing at all… Another channel could have the inserts MAXED OUT.

The tricky part is…

When do you go hard on the EQ, compression, or reverb?

And when do you back off?

I'll reveal Matt's secret in a second...

...but the truth is, I was never able to figure this out on my own.
I’m NOT a Natural
When it Comes to Mixing!

I’m a drummer at heart. So I’m good with sticks—not with knobs.

(Wait, that sounds wrong…)

The point is:

I used to spend hours and hours tinkering with my mixes.

Tweaking EQs.

Struggling to fix cheap-sounding vocals.

Limiting the crap out of everything.

And when I listened back...

My “mixing” actually made it worse.

Ugh! I was miles away from producing anything that sounded like my favorite records...

Can you relate?

If the answer is YES, you’re going to love this…
Meet Your New Mixing Mentor
When it comes to mixing home recordings, most people focus on one thing:

Fixing the flaws.

The problem? It's never going to totally work...

That’s why Matt’s secret to making home recordings shine is exactly the opposite!

Instead of trying to make it something it’s not...

Matt’s approach is to embrace what’s unique about every recording—and turn it into something new & exciting that sounds like “Whoa!”

Because it’s the only way you’ll end up with home recordings that can sound on-par with commercial records—or better.

Now the big question is HOW?

That’s where Matt comes in...
Matthew Weiss teaching in the studio

Matt doesn’t like to toot his own horn, so I’ll do it for him:

He’s a Grammy-nominated, Spellemann Award-winning pro with 10+ years in the game.

His credits include Akon, Ozuna, Becky G, Anitta, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Swae Lee, Nico & Vinz, CADE, Damian Marley, SisQo' and too many more to name.

But most importantly…

It’s rare that you get someone as talented & experienced as Matt who is ALSO a great teacher AND willing to share his secrets.

That's why over 8,672 engineers, producers, and songwriters have joined Matt's training courses.

And I’m super excited to share Matt’s newest course with you today...

Mixing Home Recordings product box
Take Your Mixing Skills to the Next Level
Professional engineer Matthew Weiss reveals his best mixing tips, tricks, and techniques for getting the best possible sound out of your home recordings no matter what gear, circumstances or tracks you're working with.
4+ Hours of Video Training
You get 4+ hours of in-depth video training. Watch it any time, from anywhere.
For Mixing Any Genre
What you'll learn applies to any genre, so your new skills transfer to every project.
Get the Mix Files
Download the videos & multi-track files--4.2GB total. Follow along from start to finished mix.
All you need is a laptop, your DAW stock plugins, and headphones!
Discover All These Pro-Mixing Techniques...
  • A quick trick that will instantly make your chorus sound huge
  • New and unusual ways to use reverb, delay, and distortion (you'll love Matt's signature side-chain delay technique for adding ambiance without losing clarity)
  • How to use EQ and compression to make electronic and acoustic instruments organically fit together
  • Strategic clipping... see how Matt uses it in part 3 of the training
  • How to rescue a cheap sounding vocal–with stock plugins
And much more!
Featured On:
Course Overview: What's Inside?
Klanghelm MJUC plugin in Pro Tools
The training covers every element of your mix:
  • Huge Electric Guitars
  • ​Hard-Hitting Drums
  • ​Powerful Low-End
  • ​GREAT Sounding Vocals
  • ​Effective Stereo Imaging
  • ​How to Fix Problematic Recordings
  • ​Shaping Dynamics
  • ​Master Buss Processing
  • ​Preparing for Mastering
  • ​Ambience and Vibe
  • ​For Mixing Any Genre
​​Plus, keep reading to get 2 of Matt's most popular Workshops (1-hour crash courses) for FREE today only...
Dave E. (Songwriter & Mixing Home Recordings student)
Start Mixing With Confidence
Stop wasting your time--you'll learn:
  • The most critical problem with home studio recordings–and how to fix it
  • ​How to know exactly when your mix is finished... so you don't ruin it!
  • ​How to save time and frustration by owning your mix decisions
Mertz (Engineer/Producer & Mixing Home Recordings student)
Now here's the best part...
Limited Time Only:
Get 10+ Hours of Bonus Training
  • Mixing Home Recordings full video course ($97 value)
  • ​​​BONUS: Mixing 101 Course ($67 value)
  • ​BONUS: Mixthru EDM ($40 value)
  • ​BONUS: Mixthru Pop ($40 value)
  • BONUS: Mixthru Funk ($40 value)
  • ​​BONUS: Acoustic Drums Workshop ($40 value)
  • ​BONUS: Mastering 101 Workshop ($40 value)
  • ​BONUS: 160 Hard-hitting Acoustic Drum Sounds (FREE)
Total Value: $364
Join Over 8,672 Students!
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
That’s 10+ hours of bonus training!
Matthew Weiss testimonial
IMPORTANT: You can use what you are going to learn in ANY genre. So you're building valuable skills that will transfer whether you're mixing your own tracks or other people’s recordings.

The Mixing Home Recordings course already features multiple genres, including Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Hard Rock, and Hip Hop. Plus, you get THREE Bonus Mixthru videos for Pop, Funk and EDM.

So yes, you will see how to use these techniques to achieve the genre-typical sound you hear in your favorite records.

You also get TWO of Matt’s most popular workshops:

You get the Acoustic Drums Workshop—because getting acoustic drums to sound right is one of the trickiest things, especially if they were not recorded in a high-end room.

Finally, the Mastering 101 Workshop is a 1-hour crash course on how to get your final mixes to compete with high-end professional productions–without destroying your dynamics.

Plus you get one more bonus training in this exclusive bundle:

We also included Matt’s Mixing 101 Course—just in case you want to brush up on the basics. In this 4-hour training, Matt shares his mixing philosophy and shows you how to set up your sessions the right way.

And of course, you get the FULL Mixing Home Recordings training.
The total value of this bundle is $364.

But you can get everything for only $147 today...

You save $197… (that’s 60% OFF)
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Mixing Home Recording product box
Only $147 Today
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30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Join Over 8,672 Students
More than 8,672 engineers, producers, and songwriters have joined Matt's mixing trainings. Here's what they say...
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This Offer Ends In...
Mixing Home Recording product box
Only $147 Today
(You Save 60%)
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Secure Checkout.
Questions & Answers
Is the course only for Pro Tools?
Nope! While Matthew mixes in Pro Tools, the processes he teaches are completely independent of any one particular DAW and will apply to Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Studio One and other similar platforms.
Do I need to own specific plugins?
Nope! Regardless of specific plugins or gear the techniques are demonstrated on, Matthew teaches it conceptually so you can apply it to whatever gear you're working with for any situation you're in.
What genres are featured in the course?
The Mixing Home Recordings course already features multiple genres, including Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Hard Rock, and Hip Hop. Plus, you get THREE Bonus Mixthru videos for Pop, Funk and EDM. As with all of Matthew's courses, the techniques, strategies and mindsets will easily apply to any genre.
What if I already own those Mixthru or Workshop videos?
We got you! If you're a returning customer and want to swap a Mixthru or Workshop video for a different one, shoot us an email at and we'll take care of you.
Will it work for me?
I've built the Pro Audio Files over the past 10 years—I'm not going to ruin the site's reputation with a sub-par product. And I stand behind this training 100%.

If you're unhappy with the training for any reason, send an email to within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.
How will the files be delivered?
After purchasing, you'll be provided with a .zip containing all the course files, including videos and multitracks. These are yours to keep forever.
This Offer Ends In...
Mixing Home Recording product box
Only $147 Today
(You Save 60%)
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Secure Checkout.
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